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HAULOGERIE – Antoine Franc Monument Series

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Antoine Franc’s Monument Series is an ode to timeless design and contemporary craftsmanship. The Monument Series features a gorgeous diamond-pattern dial, serving as the perfect backdrop to its innate functionality. Within its classically inspired case lies the Miyota 9120, an exceptionally interesting calibre that displays the passing time, the month and the day and the date, as well as a 24-hour display. The practicality of the Monument Series is matched only by its beautiful aesthetic, reminiscent of timepieces from the mid 20th century. The utilitarian approach that Antoine Franc took with the Monument Series has given the piece the innate ability to be worn formally, casually and anywhere in between. This is a brilliant timepiece that isn’t just your regular run-of-the-mill crowdfunded watch — where the brand’s thoughtful approach to its design and manufacture is apparent throughout. You can follow this link to find out more.


4 Important Tips Before Buying a Watch

How much should a quality watch cost?

The price of a watch does not determine the quality. There are many watch brands around today that claim to have luxury watches at a lower price point. Then, when you look at the reviews regarding these brands, you can see that this is nothing but trumpery.

On the other hand, there are many luxury watch brands today that have a significant mark up on their watches to ensure that they can maximize the profit of their organizational empires, as well as, having storefronts where you can buy their watches. Even though these companies may sell their watches at ridiculously high prices, this does not necessarily warrant greater quality.

The trickiest task is to find a trustworthy brand that uses great quality materials for their watches and sells them at a reasonable price. At the end of the day, you must like the watch; otherwise you won’t wear it.

The differences between Quartz and Mechanical Movements

If you turn over your watch and look at the back, it will say if the watch is Quartz, Mechanical, or Automatic.  This refers to the type of movement that your watch has. The movement is the heart of your watch. It is the piece of art that tells the time.

  • Quartz – This movement is battery operated and looks quite different from a mechanical movement. You will usually have to replace the batter every 1-3 years. But it keeps perfect time without having to be wound.
  • Mechanical – This movement works without a battery and requires you to wind the watch each day to keep the watch running.
  • Automatic – This movement is a piece of art, and is similar to the mechanical movement. However, this movement automatically winds when you wear it. It does this by incorporating a rotor attached to the movement that winds your watch. This watch should only require a service approximately every 5 years to ensure that it is working as it should.

What you need to know about your Watch Crystal

The watch crystal can make a huge difference to the longevity of your watch. Most watch crystals are made of either plastic or mineral glass. Quality watches are usually made with sapphire crystal. Sapphire is extremely strong and scratch resistant – making it the top choice for a fine timepiece. 

 You can tell if your watch has sapphire crystal in many ways including performing the water drop test. If you place a drop of water on the sapphire glass, the water will flock together, but the water will be divergent on mineral glass.

Understanding the Water Resistance of your watch

Depending on your needs, the water resistance can be pivotal in determining the right watch for you. The water resistance of your watch is measured in ATM; Atmospheric pressure. It is important that you have a watch with enough water resistance to meet your needs. Please see the below chart for information regarding water resistance.


Are Smart Watches Taking Over The Classic Timepiece?

Since the first release of the Apple Watch in 2015, many wrists are covered with new tech savvy smart watches. The generations of young and old are embracing the shift in the watch and jewellery industry by utilising features of the smart watches. In a world where attaining information is instantaneous, when will we slow down and not rely on gadgets for everything we do? Are Smart watches classified as a watch or a computer mounted on our wrists?

Automatic and Quartz Watches

Automatic watches can be traced back to the 1500s. What makes these classic and fashionable timepieces special is the attention to detail of not only the movement but the watch itself . We enter the realm of finely made feats of engineering, often with hundreds of pieces working in sync to power the watch and keep accurate time.

The premium Miyota 9120 movement is an example of a quality Japanese engineered movement. Japanese made movements rank among the best movements alongside the Swiss. These timepieces are reliable and highly reputable in the watch industry. The “automatic” we see on the dial signifies the elaborating chain of gears, springs, and rotating weights that keeps the heart beating.

Quartz watches are battery operated and run to the frequency of a quartz mineral. There is a major difference in price between Automatic and Quartz which is related to the engineering of the different movements. Luxury watches mainly use automatic movements due to the countless hours of expert craftsmanship and attention to detail by the finest horologists to produce a true masterpiece of mechanical components. When you place a premium automatic watch on your wrist, it makes you feel confident and inspired; a true connection with the timepiece is made.

Smart Watches

It cannot be argued that smart watches do have many features that may help simplify our day to day tasks; almost as important as our other tech gadgets like phones. Many industries use key features such as instant notifications and exercising features to aid personal and professional settings. It is less of a fashion statement and more practical in the eyes of customers. Many have multiple tech gadgets on them and can readily tell the time without needing a classic timepiece. However, many agree that nothing can replace the fashion statement and pure appreciation of an automatic timepiece.

The short answer to this highly debated topic is this – Are you looking for hyper-portable tech to simplify your life, or are you looking for a stylish accessory to top off your appearance?

Let us know what you think, in the comments below:

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